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Two Headed Calf - Farmhouse Ale

Polycephaly. Mother Nature's wicked sense of humor. Is it a glorious tribute to the resiliency of life, or a cruel punishment of the bizarre? A rarity celebrated by collectors, shared with a select few who appreciate their allure. What better way to display this golden treasure than in our farmhouse ale. With fresh local honey and just a hint of mango, the dry finish of the Two Headed Calf will have you sneaking another peek to satisfy your curiosity. Be forewarned, stare at your own peril.


Tropical Fruit, Grassy Notes and Hints of Honey in a Dry Farmhouse Beer


Food: Unagi Wagyu Carpaccio with Lotus Root

Cheese: Capriole Sofia Goat Cheese

Cigar: Nat Sherman Epoca Perfecto

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