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The Devil Made Me [serrano pepper, vanilla bean, & bourbon infused maple syrup] - Smoked Porter


Fire and Brimstone – the fitting destination at the end of a terrible path. The faces: Gacy, Manson, Dahmer… Why do they do it? Where does the evil come from? Are they products of their environment, or is there a darker force at work? Many questions, but few answers. Fill your glass, and brood on the wickedness latent in the human heart. Then raise the glass in a toast to judgment and justice. Just don’t look them in the eyes, for you might see yourself.


Subtly Smokiness with Traces of Ground Chili-Peppers, Light Body with Firm Roast, Flash of Chocolate, and a Growing Heat that Builds with Each Sip, Dry Finish


Food: Stuffed Pasilla Peppers with Red Pepper Mole

Cheese: Fromage a Raclette

Cigar: Perdomo Habano Corojo

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