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T/P/D [the perfect drug] - Saison


Meet the Green Fairy, the legendary soul-balm and muse of the painters, the writers, the far-seeing and the deep-diving. Inspired by Absinthe, the green liqueur that the modern world outlawed for most of the last century, T/P/D is an engrossing sensory journey. Be mesmerized as you pour it over the sugar cube on your absinthe knife, and watch it foam and change colors. Discover the allure that captivated Van Gogh, Hemingway, Wilde, de Maupassant and many others. Savor the flavors and absorb the sensations as the brew begins its work.

Tasting Notes

Spices and Herbs, Wormwood and Gall, Black Licorice Spice, Smoothed out by the Herbal Notes of Sage and Basil


Food: Gorgonzola Dolce with Fuji Apple, Baby Fennel, Dried Currants and Lemon Drizzle.

Cheese: Taleggio Washed Rind & Smear-Ripened Italian Cheese 

Cigar: EP Carrillo Cardinal Natural

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