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Illusion of Safety [passionfruit & pink guava] - Gose


The Illusion of Safety? ...Or should we say the mirage that is our existence? Day in and day out, never deviating from the numbing routine of eat | work | sleep | repeat. Living in complete delusion that material possessions matter. That money, power, and status denote our individual worth. Battling the constant gravitation toward the inevitable; our empty luggage of a carcass - void of meaning, strewn across a deserted highway. The shell we once knew, now a home for the carrion birds.


Tropical Flavors and Exotic Citrus Flavors meet a semi-sweet body, subtle tartness, hint of salinity


Food: Cuban Pastelito de Guayaba

Cheese: Fresco Manchego

Cigar: Villiger San'Doro Colorado Robusto

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