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Soldiers of Fortune: Death From Above


Toiling in the urban battleground, in the suit-and-tie combat gear of the corporate mercenary, we are Soldiers of Fortune, guns for hire, selling our lives to the highest bidder. In the shifting tides of economic warfare, we establish the contacts, muster the troops, draw up the plans and charge into battle, Monday to Friday, Nine to Five, never quite certain whether our maneuvers are offensive or defensive. Then there are the chiefs, the HR staff, with their finger on the button, ever-ready to drop the termination notice: Death From Above.

Tasting Notes

Malty and Slightly Sweet with some Roasted Chocolate Notes, Touch of Caramel, Hint of Dried Fruits


Food: Miso bronzed black cod with curried cauliflower puree

Cheese: Tete de moine

Cigar: CAO L’Anniversaire Maduro

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