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Soldiers of Fortune: Extreme Prejudice


Ruthless… merciless… dog-eat-dog… it’s a jungle out there. In the urban jungle, the corporate battle, we are Soldiers of Fortune, guns for hire, selling our lives to the highest bidder. The cutthroat corporations send their pawns into the fray, expendable, hoping for minimal collateral damage. The marching orders: buy low, sell high; divide and conquer; supply the demand and demand the supply. And when the moment is right, and the competition is in the crosshairs, terminate with Extreme Prejudice.

Tasting Notes

A Malty Aroma Tinged with Sweetness Fills the Senses, with a Faint Hint of Smoke. Floral and Herbal Notes, Malt-Forward with a Slight Roastiness Followed by a Strong Bite of Hoppiness, Caramel and Dried Fruit


Food: Miso bronzed black cod with curried cauliflower puree

Cheese: Tete de moine

Cigar: CAO L’Anniversaire Maduro

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