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EBK [until they kill me edition] - NE Style Imperial IPA


Overwhelming diligence finds its way to worn warrior hands, unsheathing fatal blades. Pivoting to face the unarmed foe anchored by fear - his vengeance to be served. Metal intersects at the base of the throat. Abruptly thrusting his arms outward, separating head from torso, he has survived... 

Honor earned today 
Rising up like the red sun 
Until they kill him


Citrus Forward with Strong Tropical Fruist Nose, Dank Overtones, Creamy Malt, Dry-Finish


Food: Korean Potroast Steam Bun Sliders with Kimchi

Cheese: Juniper Grove Farms Dutchman's Flat

Cigar: Tatuaje Havana VI Artistas

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