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Black Heart Society


Black Heart Society

The Black Heart Society (BHS) is a members only club for fans of Adroit Theory Brewing. Members receive access to four special beers brewed by Adroit Theory exclusively for BHS Members. Based on level selected, members will receive:

The Sect

  • Receive all (4) Release Beers: Please note the format, size, and quantity of each may vary.
  • Invited to all (4) BHS Appreciation Parties
  • 15% OFF




2022 Membership

The Legion

  • Receive all (4) Release Beers: Please note the format, size, and quantity of each may vary.
  • Invited to all (4) BHS Appreciation Parties
  • (4) Custom Glasses Made for Each Release Beer (1 per release)
  • 1 custom growler + 1st Fill = FREE
  • 30% OFF**


2022 Membership


  • Not Available


**All memberships expire one year from date of purchase OR once the member has received all Release Beers for which they were eligible (based upon Membership Level purchased), whichever event comes first.

2014 RELEASE 1: B/A/Y/S - RIS Aged in Bourbon Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 030

B/A/Y/S is an Imperial stout brewed with hazelnuts, cherries, and aged on reclaimed chestnut wood then aged in Bourbon Barrels. 

2014 RELEASE 2: G/I/A/A - DIPA Aged in Tequila Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 033

Our Imperial IPA brewed exclusively with Citra Hops, Ash wood, Poblano Peppers and then aged in Tequila Barrels.

2014 RELEASE 3: T/P/D – Saison Aged in White Wine Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 036

An Imperial Saison brewed with Wormwood, Sage, and Basil. This Absinthe inspired beer is then aged in a White Wine Barrel.

2014 RELEASE 4: LOVE OF THE DAMNED - Old Ale Aged in Brandy Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 040

An Old Ale brewed with Shiraz Grape Must, and then barrel aged in Apple Brandy Barrels..

2014 RELEASE 5: WHAT EVIL LURKS - Pumpkin Ale Aged in Rum Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 044

An Imperial Pumpkin Ale is a wonderful way to celebrate the change in season. Aged in a Rum Barrel and you have something special.

2014 RELEASE 6: First Circle - Blend (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 049

To celebrate one year being open, our One Year Anniversary beer will be a blend of other barrel-aged beers from earlier in the year.

2015 RELEASE 1: TENEBRIS- Barleywine Aged in Whiskey Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 120

Sharp hop bitterness, a malty backbone and full bodied Barleywine allowed to mellow for 6 months in Smooth Ambler Whiskey Barrels.

2015 RELEASE 2: LUX - Wheatwine Aged in Sherry Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 161

Similar to a Barleywine, a Wheatwine is brewed predominately with Wheat grain and aged 6 months in Sherry Barrels that also held Whiskey.


Ghost 188

A classic hop-bomb balanced with a strong malty backbone brewed with the exotic hops from New Zealand.

2015 RELEASE 4: IMAGINATION ATROPHY - Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 230

Litterally, liquid dessert. Sweet caramel meets roasty chocolate flavors and espresso finish. Balanced with bourbon notes.

2015 RELEASE 5: KILL YOUR TELEVISION - Golden Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 261

A visual oxymoron; A light colored, golden ale with a strong coffee and roasty nose/taste rounded out by barrel aging.

2015 RELEASE 6: SECOND CIRCLE - Barrel Aged Barleywine Style Blend (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 292

To celebrate our second year in business, our Second Year Anniversary beer will be a blend of other barrel-aged beers from earlier in the year. A Barleywine with Blueberries serves as the base beer.

2016 RELEASE 1: B/A/Y/S - Imperial Stout with Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, & Toasted Coconut (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 378

A remake of the first beer we ever made. This time, with all the dessert flavors that make this stout a rich treat.

2016 RELEASE 2: DARK SUN - Imperial Porter with Bananas, Coffee, and Coconut Aged in Bourbon Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 450

Our take on a BBC Cocktail. Delicious tropical flavors blend with the rich robustness of dark malt and bourbon.

2016 RELEASE 3: SYNAPSE - Triple IPA: This Bottle will Self-Destruct on 7/25/16 (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 500

The hoppiest beer we have made (yet). Designed to be consumed within 15 days.

2016 RELEASE 4: SPEARHEAD - Imperial Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee Stout (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 550

Who says stouts can't be for breakfast!

2016 RELEASE 5: JUDAS GOAT - Imperial Porter with Apricots, Cherries and Currants (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 600

A contradiction in a glass! Roasty Porter with Tropical & Citrus notes.

2016 RELEASE 6: THIRD CIRCLE - Russian Imperial Stout Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels (SOLD OUT)

Ghost 610

To celebrate our third year in business, we have brewed a huge stout and aged it in Catoctin Creek Apple Brandy Barrels.

Common Questions

Can I upgrade my membership to a different level?

Not within a membership year. When you purchase your membership, it is for the remainder of the year, and will expire 12/31/22. You may purchase a membership for a higher level during the next enrollment period, as long as there are additional memberships available. You may join the wait list if you express a desire to upgrade.

The society is closed out for the year. How do I join?
Once the enrollment period closes for the year, no new members will be accepted during the year. You can join our wait list, and if availability opens up next year you will be notified. Current members always have first right of refusal as we open up the next BHS membership enrollment period.

What are the Release Parties like?
They are an open house style party where only BHS members and their guest can enjoy the current release and other treats.

What if I cannot make the Release Party?
We will hold your beer for 30 days after the Release Date.

What if I purchase a membership, and then move out of the area?
We can put you in contact with a “Proxy” who will pick up the beer on your behalf locally, and then make arrangements to get beer to you directly.

Will my membership auto renew next year?
No, but current members have first right of refusal as we open up the next BHS membership enrollment period.



  • The membership begins on 01/01/22 and expires on 12/31/22. The member has right of first refusal to either renew (at then current rates) or forfeit membership in BHS.
  • BHS member must present card at time of payment when making purchases at ATBC.
  • The following are excluded from BHS discounts: Current or Future membership costs, Gift Cards.
  • BHS member can apply discount to other parties within member's group as long as only one bill is generated and BHS member pays bill directly.
  • BHS member card is not to be shared with anyone other than the BHS member that purchased the card.
  • BHS member may elect to have Release Beer shipped directly to their shipping address. BHS member to pay actual shipping costs.
  • BHS members may either pick up Release Beer at ATBC, or make arrangements for a proxy to pick up on the member's behalf. Release Beers will be held for 30 days after the Release Date. If a member's beer is not picked up within the window, the member will be given option of paying actual shipping costs to have beer mailed directly to member. If member elects to not pay shipping costs, the Release Beer will be forfeit and returned to ATBC inventory.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in the forfeiture of payment and membership in BHS

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