Introducing B/A/Y/S (black as your soul)

Our Imperial Stout aged on Chestnut


The History

After several months of planning, we decided on an Imperial Stout as our first beer. It is one of our personal favorite styles, but more importantly it is the type of beer that really sets the tone. Big, strong, and in your face. Everything we strive for at Adroit Theory.

We are currently brewing on a 1/2 Barrel Sabco system. Eventually, we'll ramp up to a larger system. In the meantime, we are really running this system through the paces with some over the top beers.


The Design

The inspiration for the design was a Rorschach Ink Blot test. We envisioned an ink-blot being placed on a piece of paper, then folded in half. When it is unfolded, the random splatter of ink exploding outward might very well resemble the moth creature pictured above.

As with all Rorschach test images, there is more than meets the eye. The more you examine the image, the more layers below the main image become visible. Is it dark, or is that what YOU see?

As with all Adroit Theory artwork, we give quite a bit of thought to the imagery presented. In this case, we are really pleased with the final aesthetic.


The Beer

Ghost 002 - Is a remake of Ghost 001, our first batch of B/A/Y/S. we started with a relatively straight forward stout recipe that we quickly scaled up to Imperial status. The final grain bill was 52 pounds on a 1/2 barrel system!

We also wanted to add a more pronounced hop profile than typically found in such a beer. We selected two of my favorites: Simcoe and Amarillo. While the final product did not have a pronounced citrusy hop profile, the bitterness in the flavor profile is quite nice.

To balance the richness of the brew, we added hazelnuts for a nutty character. We then added cherries to boost the residual sweet flavor. Both are subtle, but welcome additions.

Finally, to give the beer a truly unique experience, we aged the beer for 3 weeks on reclaimed chestnut staves. Chestnut is an extremely rare specie of wood, and has a pleasing aroma when cut. We thought, what better way to enhance the beer.

Ghost 003 - Is Ghost 002 aged in a bourbon barrel from Woodinville Whiskey

Ghost 004 - Is Ghost 002 aged in a rye barrel from Finger Lakes Distilling.

Food Pairings

The beer is good by itself, but when paired with the right accompaniment, it is even better. Here are some suggestions.

Cheese - Gjoest (Norwegian Goat Cheese)

Tobacco - Berger & Argenti – Entubar

Meat - Coffee-Cocoa Crusted Angus Beef Striploin


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